At Village Church, we consider it a joy to make involvement in our common life together accessible to all. One of our priorities is inviting the entire congregation to join in the responsibilities of our common life together and in serving our community, our city and the world in Jesus’ name.  Everyone has a role to play. Whether you’re just getting to know us, or you’ve been around for a while, please take the time to learn more about what’s going on and how you can be involved.

Here are some of the ways you can live on-mission at The Village Church at Vinings:

Everybody has a mission, and we believe that one of the greatest ways to serve the body of Christ is to live our everyday lives on-mission – living in light of the gospel and telling the message of the gospel to the people around us.  There are a million ways to do this, and it looks like many different things for different people – from starting a inquirers Bible Study in your neighborhood to serving our friends in the inner-city to starting a Young Life club in your local school to simply loving your family, loving your colleagues at work and loving your neighbors in Jesus’ name.  It’s our desire to equip you, encourage you and celebrate gospel mission in our everyday lives.

A lot happens on Sunday mornings as we gather together to worship the living God. We strive to be good stewards of this time the space God has provided for us, and we ask that everyone who regularly attends consider serving in some capacity.  Here are some ways you can serve:

  • Welcome and hospitality
  • Communion Servers
  • Scripture Readers
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Set-up and Tear-down
  • Music and Sound

Contact Carlyn Defnall for more information about serving on Sunday mornings ([email protected])

We believe parents are ultimately responsible for the discipleship of their children, but we also believe that, in a real sense, responsibility for the children in the congregation rests with the entire congregation.  Whether it’s sitting with infants once a month during the worship service or committing to teach a semester-long children’s Sunday School class, we have a great need for helpers in our children’s ministry.  Contact Matt McConville for more information ([email protected]).

We believe the primary way God builds his Kingdom is through the local church. For that reason it’s our desire to be a multiplying church – a church that plants new churches.  We’re currently supporting gospel-centered, missional church plants in Marietta, Midtown Atlanta, and Ireland.

Probably the greatest metaphor in the Bible  for our salvation is adoption (see Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:5, Ephesians 1:5).  Because we all were orphans who God loved and adopted into his family, and because the need for adopting families is so massive (there are over 143 million orphans in the world today), it’s our prayer that the Holy Spirit would continue to foster a culture of adoption in our church.  Several families in our church have already adopted children, both domestically and internationally, and it’s our desire to continue to encourage and support adopting families in our church and in our community.

We partner with churches and ministries both in the Atlanta area and around the world who share our passion for the gospel.   There are great needs everywhere, and we’re blessed to serve together with these ministries as God builds his Kingdom in our hearts, in the city of Atlanta, and across the globe.


S.A.Y. Yes! Center, New Life Covenant Church

New Life Covenant is our sister church in the English Avenue neighborhood of Atlanta.  We love spending time with our friends at New Life, and we’re blessed to partner with them in their after school program, the SAY Yes! Center.  Many nights of the week a Village Church family is privileged to bring a meal and share it with about 25 kids from the English Avenue neighborhood, and help them with their homework.  If you’re interested in serving at SAY Yes!, contact Carlyn Defnall at [email protected].  If you’d like to sign up to take a meal, click on the following link.


Sixty Feet

In 2009 God made several families from our church aware of the horrible condition of child prisons in the African country of Uganda.  They decided to do something about it, and Sixty Feet was born. Sixty Feet is an action-based organization created to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name.  God is doing some amazing things in and through this ministry, and we’re blessed to support and partner with them!  Visit to find out more and to get involved.

The Palmer Family

In 2011 we were blessed to send The Palmer Family to Ireland.  Tim is a writer with a penchant for the outdoors and Melissa is a former teacher who loves to bake and spend time with their four kids.  By learning Irish Gaelic and living in a rural village the Palmers hope to make a long-term investment in the faith and culture of Ireland.  Sensitive to the complexities of Irish history, they partner with the non-denominational GEM Ireland, which works with people of all persuasions to encourage faith in Jesus.

Young Life Zimbabwe

Young Life Zimbabwe is a relationship-driven youth ministry sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with teenagers in Southern Africa who have no hope.  Our friends Pierre and Rentia DeJeager and Patson Mpofu are dedicated to loving the youth of Zimbabwe into God’s Kingdom.